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Mysterious photo of Montana ranching kids

This photo was found in the dumpster with the diaries. Who are these kids?

On a cool night not long ago, after a couple of beers, I walked past Circle Square Antiques on Higgins Street in Missoula, Montana.  You never know what you’ll see in the display window of this wonderful store (“We Buy Anything [of value]”) so it’s worthwhile to keep checking.

Next to a couple of nice antique typewriters were one small red faux-leather notebook with lined yellowing paper, open, along with three others, closed.

The writing in the open notebook was barely readable in the weak light, in green fountain pen ink:

“Rather a nasty windy, rainy day.  Jay fussed around all day getting horses & harness & a stall fixed for the spring work.  2 pr. of twin lambs.  We finished papering the dining room ceiling & put some side paper on the wall in p.m.  Dad had to look after the sheep and attend to the water.”

The cursive writing was careful, probably a woman’s.  Who wrote this?  How long ago?