Well, our diary writer is quite busy over the next few days, walking miles (pregnant and all) in search of a nice apartment to have her baby.  She is also spending some time with her husband Jay before he heads back to the ranch.  Mama is considerately staying with friends to give them some ‘alone time.’  Including a movie date!

“Tue. Jan. 10      1922

We went and looked at some rooms & then had breakfast. Went from there up to Nelsons & there J. & Mr. Nelson took a scout around looking for housekeeping rooms. Had dinner there then Mr. N Jay Mom & I about walked our shoes down looking for rooms. The men found in a.m. Went out to Randalls about 6:30 & stayed all night.

Not such a bright day but melting some.

Wed. Jan. 11.

Jay took the trunk & bedding down in a:m: & Mama & I just set around & visited with the Randalls until about five we loaded ourselves up & took possession of our new rooms. Jay & I went to the show in the evening ‘Cheated Hearts’ and Mr. & Mrs. Nelson came up & Mama went home with them & spent the night.”

Cheated Hearts was a silent movie made the previous year (yep, it took awhile for new releases to ride the train out here to Montana movie theaters) starring Herbert Rawlinson.  The plot is classic, corny silent movie-era, below synopsis is courtesy of http://movies.msn.com/movies/movie-synopsis/cheated-hearts) with commentary inserted by me:

Protagonist Barry Gordon (Rawlinson) has inherited a love of drink from his father. Because of this, he gives up his girl, Muriel Beekman to his brother, Tom, and goes to Paris. (Kinda like handing over your favorite dog, eh?)   But then he finds out that brother Tom is missing in Morocco, so he goes to search for him.  Muriel and her father are in Morocco too of course, and she tells Barry she always loved him best (again with the dog analogy). So they wed, and Barry discovers that his brother is being held for ransom. Barry offers up all his money, and himself, for his brother’s release, and is accepted. A native girl, however (thank goodness for those Native Girls!) helps him to escape and although he gets lost in the desert, he is eventually able to return to Muriel. Somewhere along the way, apparently, he has conquered his taste for booze, so everyone lives happily ever after.