Dear Readers: I’m putting this blog aside now. Got a job in Boise, Idaho and am leaving shortly for a new adventure.

Thanks for hanging in there with me for so long, for your interest and insights and humor. This was my first shot at blogging and you’ve made it special. Please see my earlier posts today for all the remaining photos that were salvaged from the dumpster; they are beautiful, funny, charming, and a little haunting. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

These wonderful diaries, and scans of the photos, now reside in the University of Montana Maureen and Mike Mansfield Archives—forever safe, I hope, from the ignominy of french fry grease and beer bottles in some back-alley dumpster. Please go visit them there, along with a transcript of the first diary. The other three remain untranscribed. 

I would like to thank an anonymous salvager, John at Circle Square Antiques, and Donna at the University of Montana for seeing the value of these diaries and photos.

If anyone recognizes a family member I hope you will contact the University of Montana Archives. If diaries like this were written by my ancestress I know I would certainly wish to read them. 

I confess I am a little teary-eyed as I type this farewell. The mystery and drama of another person’s life and loves, the world she lived in that was so different from ours and yet so alike, really brought me deep into the heart of western Montana. It’s hard to leave. Can you write a love letter to a state? Maybe not. But a love letter to a state of mind; yes I can write that. That was this blog. 

With Love.