Along the Marongarong River are several archaeological sites; hard to spot in the jungley growth, they are haunting. I don’t know how old they are.


Stone wall and corner, age and function unknown, along the river at Fafokod. Poisonous snakes kept me from bushwhacking off trail to investigate.

While at the pig feast honoring Amis soldiers of the second World War, I munched and sipped next to two young women. They looked like 20-somethings everywhere–fresh-faced, wearing faded plaid shirts and jeans. But these girls were special: members of the Amis tribe, both had lovely designs henna’ed onto their arms.


Beautifully wrought henna design depicting Amis tribal archaeological site.

One looked just like an archaeological site in the jungle reminiscent of the one I had seen just north of there … The girls told me they take care of several sites like this, clearing the undergrowth and stabilizing the stonework. They do it on their own time, proud of their archaeological heritage. I was bowled over!


Three cultural heritage stewards.