My neighbors invited me and my Dad over for a hotpot party the other day! Ingredients:

A cauldron; a small tabletop heater/gas cooker; chopped veggies (taro, asparagus, chiles, sweet potato, broccoli, spinach, baby corn, potatoes, turnips); yummy soybean treats (various tofu/the firm kind, also Buddhists are ingenious at creating meat substitutes like faux meatballs, faux shrimp, and faux bacon!); and real meat in chunks (pork loin, abalone, fish, anything that can withstand boiling. Duckblood cubes are also really popular.)


Ready to rock and roll.

Next, put water in the pot and fire it up to boiling. You can add a little salt and oil if desired while it warms up. Everyone grabs chopsticks and starts tossing their favorite bits into the boiling water.


Dad couldn’t wait! Claimed he was just doing quality control.

When you judge something is ready, fish it out and snack (carefully, it’ll be HOT). After a few rounds, the broth begins to build…then you ladle it into your bowl on top of the choice bits. This is a really fun party food, participatory and delicious.


We had two Buddhists in our group, so a vegetarian hotpot was also featured. Unexpectedly savory!!