Last week I took some time to explore the northeast coast with friends and family. First we hit Yehliu, a weird and wonderful collection of hoodoos created when uplifts raised sandstone of varying hardness into the zone of wave and wind erosion. So these cool features are between 23 and 5 million years old!

Nanya Rock ColumnsLast year five Chinese tourists were swept to their deaths by a rogue wave at high tide. This is not uncommon here, a statue of a fisherman who tried to rescue a student in the 1960s testifies to his bravery although both perished.

Yehliu Hoodoo

A question marked sandstone hoodoo at Yehliu, with a tourist for scale.

Next, we visited Nanya Rock Formation, just east and south around the tip of the island. I couldn’t find any age for these rocks but they might be Pliocene sandstones, between 3 and 1 million years old.


At the Nanya rock formations it’s easy to see odd inclusions and the stratigraphic history, especially when there is a geologist handy.