During my times in Taiwan I have been excited by the diversity and richness of food choices. For example, the Han, Hoklo, and Indigenous peoples of Taiwan delight in eating pig intestines and other meats that Western cultures would call ‘offal’ or waste. Also, insects!

I’m now teaching an American class about sustainability, food systems, and dietary preferences. So, to get young students to put their money where their mouth is (as the saying goes), I baked a big batch of chocolate ‘chirp’ cookies which substitute ground-up crickets for half the flour in the dough. Here’s what they looked like in the oven, and here is a student taking the plunge:

The fragrance of the baking cookies was definitely…buggy. But the flavor was not bad at all. All 100 of my students ate their cookie, and several asked to bring leftovers for their friends and family. Maybe I’ll try this in Taiwan soon!