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Our first glimpse of Dorma Ruth--and her Mama?

This photo was found in the dumpster along with just a few others. Since the diary entries have been talking about Dorma’s tribulations with colic, I thought it would be nice to see her in a more tranquil pose. Do you think this is her Mama? Or maybe her grandma? I would love to see your comments on this photo, maybe you can help me create a caption for it!

Little Dorma Ruth had a rough time of it for the next few days and so did her parents.  Have you been around a baby that just won’t stop crying, no matter what?  At first you fuss around trying to fix things, make her feel better, make that terrible noise STOP.  But nothing works.  The babies in my family are notorious for crying jags lasting for hours, even days.

What we now call “colic” is just a “bad old belly ache” or “night-time entertainment” for these tough Montana ranching moms–even a new one like our Diarist.  But although she has a pragmatic tone, at one point she can’t take it anymore and hands the screaming infant to Mama, below:

“Wed. April 19.

I fixed some of the babys clothes up,  Mama made a couple of pies.  Ruth finished Babys pillow case.

Mrs Ricker & Mrs. Keefer & Baby Nelva (sp?) came down for & hr or so in P.m.

Baby had a bad old belly ache all p.m.

The men worked on the M. cabin.

Deim was down all evening & Geo Walker came for dinner & stayed all nite.

Thur. April 20.

Mama & Ruth washed & I bathed Dorma & helped what I could about dinner

No one was over ambitious in p.m. but Baby & she had a bad old stomach ache again.

Clarence York & Fred Ostromeyer were here for dinner came to take Freds father out.

I napped & went for my walk in P.m.

Fri. April 21.

Ruth & Mama ironed & I tried Batheing the young lady.  She cried so hard Mama finished dressing her.

I made a pudding but never got much of anything done of any account.

I varnished in P.m.  Ruth took a bath.  Baby slept all p.m. & entertained us in the night.  Mamas head hurt.

The men worked on the cabin.  Deim & John Anderson was down in evening.”

Call me a bum: I glanced at wickipedia and got the below.

“Baby colic (also known as infantile colic) is defined as episodes of crying for more than three hours a day for more than three days a week for three weeks in an otherwise healthy child between the ages of two weeks and four months. The cause of the colic is generally unknown. Less than 5% of infants with excess crying have an underlying organic disease.”

Well, all you can do at that point is endure!!  But ain’t they cute when they stop?  As a treat for readers who have been hanging in there with me, I’m presenting the first of the few photos of this family that were saved from the dumpster last summer.  It’s in the blog right after this one:  I would love for you to comment on who you think the lady might be.  I’m pretty sure the baby is Dorma Ruth.

I’m impressed by this new mother’s ability to write two lengthy diary entries the day after she gave birth!  Of course, she had plenty of help with the newborn, the next entries show a busy, noisy household with Mama, Sister Ruth and (boyfriend? ranch hand?) Glen, Husband/father Jay, and plenty of visitors to view the newcomer:

“Thur. Mar. 16

Baby Dorma’s Birthday after all was over about 4 a.m. every one went to bed

All the household was tired out that is the ladies.

All the occupants here & Mrs. La chon was in to see us.

Mama had headache & so did I.  Ruby was over in p.m.

Ruth & Glen went to the show in evening & Ruth had her teeth fixed in afternoon.

Fri. Mar. 17

Dorma cried most of the night so Mama & Ruth were entertained.

Ruth did the washing & Jay helped what he could.

In P.m. Glen came up & about five-thirty he & Ruth went down town to dinner & Pantages.

Baby had colic until awfully late in the night & Mama had the headache.

Glen got baby a little ‘shopping bag’ & some ‘candy.’”

So our new mom has some energy left for sarcasm (a screaming baby as entertainment: Jay’s inept attempts at washing: and Glen’s gifts of a shopping bag and candy to an infant only a few hours old.)  I’m liking this lady more and more!