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Climbing to a trapline

This old photo shows a man climbing to a trapline in the high country (credit: Haase Family Collection, Shafer Museum).  Our diarist’s father and his friend would have had similar equipment.

After the big New Year’s Eve party–the hangover.  The next few entries in the diary describe a tired, grumpy household getting up late and ‘messing around’.  Read for yourself:

“Wed. Jan. 4.                                     13o below.                                    1922.

Got up a little earlier & Jay was on the peck & meaner than the d–.  He is never happy than when he can provoke me.  Fixed the kitchen walls and part of the ceiling.  Killed two pullets. One egg eaten.  Got 2 eggs.  I emb. on & tatted for the dress all day.  Ruth emb. pillow case.

Jay cut his thumb nail into.  Frank was busy trapping.  Had a nice tough swift steak for dinner.   Fritz Ontromire (?) was here after some mail.”

Tatting lace is a tricky skill, requiring intense concentration.  Here is a dress with tatted collar, dated 1950 but gives you the idea (credit:


While our mystery lady was squinting at her tatting and arguing with Jay (sounds like her husband to me!) her father and a fellow named Frank were up in the snowy hills, laying trapline in 10F below weather.

But the humdrum routine of winter is soon to be interrupted by a major event in our diarist’s life…