Over the next few days our mystery lady seems not to be feeling very well…

“Thur. Jan. 5                                                                                    1922

Men worked on the ceiling. Ruth churned and watched the hen coop for eggs most of the day. & I felt bum. Got the kitchen about finished. Baked bread. I fixed Jays shirt and made him a finger stall for his sore thumb and fixed my red slippers.  Emb(roidered) in the p.m.

Didn’t feel very good in evening so the folks decided to ship me out of the Wilderness. Mama made me two aprons.”

(If you’re wondering: a finger-stall was basically a tube to protect your injured finger, usually attached with a band around the wrist).

“Fri. Jan. 6.                        21 above                                                1922

The folks washed & I played lady all day. Eat & ly down was all I did. Had kind of a hard headache in a.m.  Got a letter from Edna.

Ruth made cookies.

Sat. Jan. 7.                        22 above                                                1922

Mama & Ruth was busy most of the day prepareing for our journey to Missoula. Jay was busy all Pm taking the shoes off some of the horses. I was busy laying around. Frank & Dad set out more traps & Frank shot a coyote. The wind blew quite a lot.

Sun. Jan. 8.                        21 above                                                1922

I took my bath and fuddled around all morning and finally got ready for the trip to Missoula. The whole house hold was busy getting Jay, Mama, & I off to the big Potomac. We left home about one & got to Potomac about six. Stayed there all night.

Felt pretty blue at the thot of having to go away & leave my dear old Boy to come back without me.

Very pretty warm day.

Mon. Jan. 9.

Left Potomac about ten and got in Missoula about 2:20. Mama & I cleaned up a bit & went up & saw Dr. Thornton. He gave me some stuff for my stomach and a diet of milk, toast & cereals.

Jay got his money from the Reclamation office & then went up to Mr. Nelsons. Mr. Nelson came downtown with Jay & had us go up to his house for supper. Mama stayed there all night & Jay & I went down to the hotel.”

–Ah hah!  Travel to town, visit to the Doctor’s office, prescription for a bland starchy diet: our diarist is expecting!