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A young lady wagon-driver — in a bonnet. I can’t tell for the life of me what she’s hauling in that wagon, can you? The horses have their nose-bags on, and look pretty contented.



So, I’m guessing that’s Dad and Jay on the left. What could they be hauling in that barrel: molasses? Sorghum? That’s a neat sledge they’re using. Anyhow I think the young lady on the horse is the same who is holding Dorma Ruth on her lap in other photos.



Can this young lady be a cousin to Dorma Ruth?  Or a big sister, a step-sister?  Their comfy pose together suggest family.



–like they used to say in the Jazz Age!  In this photo a somewhat older Dorma Ruth revelling in a pleasant afternoon on the steps getting ‘into’ something delicious. What do you think it is: chocolate cake batter? Maybe some ripe berries?


Dorma Ruth chillin’ out in her high chair in a sunny corner of a quiet room. 



Two young boys are getting some practice holding a very young Dorma Ruth out in the sunshine.  She’s putting up with it well!Image

The first in a series of photos found in the dumpster with our mystery diaries–this one is a real charmer of a baby (let’s just call her Dorma Ruth) sitting peacefully in her special basket.